( 2023) Danger; I Love You – A ten minute work in progress piece for the Sherman Theatre’s studio scratch SHOUT!/BLOEDD!

Directed by Kay R. Dennis.

(2022) Half Moon – A work in progress for writing event Scratch That! at the Golden Goose Theatre.

Directed by Rebs Fisher-Jackson.

(2022) FEMME – A selection of scenes commissioned by the Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse through the Young Producers programme.

Directed by Eve Marie Sumner and Lucy Demba.

(2021) I Didn’t Know That Teacher’s Had Affairs – Monologue adapted to short film for Yellow Coat Theatre’s Pass It On , as part of The Space’s online spring season.

Directed by Evie Ayres-Townshend.


(2022) Loo Chats – Short film

Directed by Hannah Moss

(2021) Don’t You Want Me, Baby? – Short film

Directed by Oona Koivula

(2019) Plague Ladies – Pilot concept of mockumentary comedy series

Directed by Beth Noonan-Roberts

Showreels, scenes and in-betweens

Beth was a member of the Everyman and Playhouse Young Writers programme (2021), through which she wrote her play It Happens At Bookclub, which was recently shortlisted for the People’s Play Award (2022).

Her play Cataclysm was also shortlisted for the Arch 468 Hope Prize (2021).

Beth regularly writes in a partnership with Rebecca Wilson, the two are developing a Comedy drama TV series which will focus on North Wales, where they both grew up.

She is also working on another comedy series for screen with Anna Lumkin and creates regular shorts and sketches with Hannah Moss.

Beth is available for writing commissions and offers original scripts for showreel use, examples of which can be seen in her writing reel below. Please get in touch for any enquiries.

Writer Reel (2019/2021) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cp-ZcaZeQjI

Plague Ladies Pilot – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BsuNnxUA9Q

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