Beth is currently redrafting her dark comedy two hander Half Moon, an extract of which was recently performed as part of a new writing event at the Golden Goose Theatre, and then also as part of the Liverpool Everyman’s studio scratch.

At the end of 2022 Beth wrapped on a few exciting shorts, all made possible by director of photography Hannah Moss, who helped bring her scripts Loo Chats and Small Talk to life.

Special shoutout to Carlotta, Anna and Amy for the use of their homes as on set location. (Also to the star of the show Sidney the cat!)

Photo credits to Hannah Moss

As one third of emerging production company Sisu Productions, in 2021 Beth acted as head of script within the writing team of action packed short film Don’t You Want Me, Baby?, which premiered at the Lexi Cinema in London.

Beth also played the role of Katie in the film, and can be seen below in a most attractive squid costume.

Photo credits to Oona Koivula

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